About Me

I’m Benjamin C and I’m a speech therapist working in an acute metropolitan hospital in South East Asia. I assess and treat communication and swallowing difficulties. My experienced areas are ICU care and nursing home services.

Besides my clinical duties, I’m the department’s lead for Data Insights and Digit Transformation. Projects completed since I started work in 2016 include:

  1. Visualizing referrals using Qliksense

  2. Process mining. The duration of direct and indirect activities involved in managing a patient were recorded and the event logs were examined. I designed the method for data collection, analysed the data (using concepts from R’s bupaR packages), presented the findings in a dashboard style report (using R’s flexdashboard, tidyverse, plotly packages). Findings include

    • the duration of case management across different teams and locations
    • how high and low workload affects duration of activities and cases
    • temporal distribution of activities throughout the day

I’m also familiar with Python and I’ve completed DataCamp’s Data Scientist with Python Track to enhance my Python skills.

I’m currently learning machine learning models including explainable AI as future work projects will likely involve predictive analysis.

I blog about my data science journey here to consolidate my learning and for others to learn and give feedback.